Junior High / High School

Junior High (6th - 8th grades) — Students in junior high receive a well-balanced education in core subjects which include Bible, English, Math, History, and Science. Health, PE, and elective courses are offered to enrich daily curriculum instruction. Hands on learning and field trips provide a balanced school experience. Bible integration within each subject develops a Biblical worldview that assists students in discovering God’s will for their lives while encouraging them to be leaders in their families, communities, and churches.

High School (9th - 12th grades) — High school students will receive a comprehensive education in one of the following tracks: college preparatory, general, or minimal. Eleventh grade students prepare and take the ACT and SAT tests. Students in high school at MCA are instructed in all core subjects through the lens of God’s Word. Our students are encouraged to become disciples of Christ as we encourage their growing relationship with Him. Leadership skills are gained and practiced as opportunities are presented for high school students to serve their families, communities, and churches. A foundational Biblical worldview is critical as students see God’s hand in the past, His work in the present, and His will for their future.