Preschool / Elementary

Pre-School (K3 / K4) — Young children are curious, and born with a desire to learn. Parents will be excited to see their preschool student learn the basics in reading, writing, and numbers. At a young age, our students are taught the importance of God’s Word. Our academic program is designed to develop students cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth.

Kindergarten — Students in our Kinder program at MCA will be learning more than just their ABCs. Our students will be learning to hide God’s Word in their hearts as they grow in the knowledge of how and why God created them. This foundational year serves as a learning bridge between the preschool and elementary years. Daily phonetic development, reading, and writing is a daily practice. Math is taught using manipulative to ensure solid understanding of concepts that are building blocks for future math development. A strong emphasis on God’s Word within each subject throughout the curriculum is the beginning of a Biblical worldview that will be fundamental as they progress though each grade.

Elementary (1st - 5th grades) — Elementary students are instructed in traditional core subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Each day begins with a Bible class where students will be memorizing scripture and learning how it applies to their lives. At MCA we seek to reach students’ hearts and see them accept Jesus as their Savior. Teachers present all instruction in every subject from a Biblical worldview. A developmental phonics program benefits the student in the early grades as they become strong readers. Students gain knowledge about their life and the world around them through Bible, History, and Science. Students and teachers will use the lens of God’s Word to understand how all things are knit together by God and designed with purpose.